Fairview Heights Elementary (Main Building)

Primary Orientation and Information

Primary Orientation: Please click on the link to view the WELCOME TO PRIMARY widget. This will give you lots of details on how to prepare your child for grade primary, what they will need, the school day, and how to get in touch with us

Location, Drop-Off & Pick-Up:

All primary classes are located in the modular building at 141 Rufus Avenue. Please note that our school day begins at 8:00am when teachers start supervising playgrounds. Entry time is 8:10am, and dismissal/pick-up time is 2:15pm. If you are late in the morning, you and your child need to check in with our administrative assistant Marwa Dewidar at the main office inside our "annex" building at 141 Rufus Avenue. (Do not go directly to modular building if you are late, as teachers and students have already started teaching and learning).

School Supplies:

In lieu of parents shopping for school supplies, families of primary students are asked to send in $30 in September to classroom teachers. This will be sufficient for the whole year. Teachers are purchasing the supplies they need over the summer, in order to set all students up for success for their first year of school! There is more information in the "Welcome to Primary" slideshow.


In terms of transportation and buses, families in our school catchment are eligible for bussing if they live more than 1.6km from our school site. The HRCE Transportation Team will be in touch with families who are eligible for bussing in the middle of the summer. You can also register for bus information and "BusPlanner" here: https://www.hrce.ca/node/41333

School Calendar & Important Dates:

Finally, the school calendar and important dates for next year can be found here: https://www.hrce.ca/calendars

We look forward to welcoming your child to Grade Primary! Exciting days full of learning and fun are ahead!

Our school staff are now on vacation. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us at the end of August and early September. All contact information can be found on our school website here: https://fvh.hrce.ca/ Wishing you a safe and restful summer. See you in September!

Amy Hunt & Michael Corbett