Fairview Heights Elementary (Main Building)

Winter Weather Information

Winter Weather Information

The Halifax Regional School Board does not have an official policy on this. With regards to students being sent outside we follow the HRSB Wind Chill Safety Protocol. The guidelines state:

If the wind chill is…


0 C to -20 C

take care in deciding whether it is appropriate to send students outside considering several factors: the length of time students will be outside, activity level, and if the area is windy or sunny.

-21 C to -27 C

seriously consider whether it is appropriate to send students outside

Below -27 C

do not send students outside


When making the decision school administration consults the Environment Canada weather website.

Whenever possible we do like to see our students being given the opportunity to get outside at some point during the day to get some exercise rather than being confined to their classrooms for extended periods of time. One possible scenario at our school during lunch hour could be that the students go outside for a shorter length of time such as 10-15 minutes.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to dress their children appropriately for the weather and possible outdoor play, just as they would at home.