Fairview Heights Elementary (Main Building)

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

To connect with a chosen staff member, call 902-457-8953 and enter the extension below.

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
David, Mohita (On Maternity Leave) mohita.david@hrce.ca
Zruna, Katherine (On Maternity Leave) KZruna@hrce.ca
Pottier-Jones, Michelle 10% Music mpottier-jones@hrce.ca
Thomas, Sandra 100 % Resource thomass@hrce.ca
Bauer, Reuben Band Teacher RBauer@hrce.ca
Connors, Makayla Core French Teacher Makayla.Connors@hrce.ca
Corbett, Erin EAL ecorbett@hrsb.ca
Biolsi, Bill EAL Bill.Biolsi@hrce.ca
Conrad, Tara EAL Tconrad@hrce.ca
Dalton, Sarah EAL Sarah.dalton@hrce.ca
Compton, Christine Early Literacy Support CCompton@hrce.ca
Gallant, Monica Early Literacy Support & Reading Recovery monica.gallant@hrce.ca
Walsh, Erika Grade Five ext. 4351030 EWalsh@hrce.ca
Westhaver, Malcolm Grade Five / Six ext. 4351016 mwesthaver@hrce.ca Website
Heisler, Chris Grade Four ext. 4351108 CHeisler@hrce.ca
Cormier, David Grade Four ext. 4351105 David.Cormier@hrce.ca
Peet, Erin Grade Four / Five ext. 4351112 EPeet@hrce.ca
LeFresne, Aleah Grade One ext. 4351018 ALeFresne@hrce.ca
Whitehouse, Kaitlin Grade One ext. 4351022 kaitlin.Whitehouse@hrce.ca
Hiscock, Kaylee Grade Primary ext. 4351202 kaylee.hiscock@hrce.ca
Murray, Tiberia Grade Primary ext. 4351020 murrayt@hrce.ca
Ross, Anita Grade Primary ext. 4351021 RossA@hrce.ca
Hiltz, Kelly Grade Primary / One ext. 4351019 khiltz@hrce.ca
Whittleton, Melissa Grade Six ext. 4351015 Melissa.Conrad@hrce.ca
Feaver, Ashley Grade Six ext. 4351017 AFeaver@hrce.ca
Keeling, Sam Grade Three ext. 4351111 SKeeling@hrce.ca
Smith, Margaret Grade Three ext. 4351110 smith.margaret@hrce.ca
Beal, Jordanna Grade Three ext. 4351109 JBeal@hrce.ca
LeBlanc, Janis Grade Three ext. 4351110 LEBLANCJ@hrce.ca
Stewart, Caroline Grade Two ext. 4351103 Caroline.Stewart@hrce.ca
(Green) Paterson, Gina A Grade Two ext. 4351102 gpaterson@hrce.ca
Fumerton, Leah Grade Two ext. 4351104 LFumerton@hrce.ca
Jothiraj, Nisha Grade Two ext. 4351102 njothiraj@hrce.ca
Budd, Christi Learning Center ext. 4351106 cbudd@hrce.ca
Ackert, Hilary Learning Centre ext. 4351206 HAckert@hrce.ca
Clothier, Tamara Learning Centre ext. 4351206 Tamara.Clothier@hrce.ca
Cleveland, Jennifer Music ext. 4351004 jennifer.cleveland@hrce.ca
Bond, Erin - Leigh Physical Education BondE@hrce.ca
Terauds, Mike Physical Education mterauds@hrce.ca
Thomas, Sandy Resource Thomass@hrce.ca
Green, Paula Resource PGreen@hrce.ca
Moir, Marie Violin Teacher mmoir@gnspes.ca
Joyce, Brian Violin Teacher (On Leave) bjoyce@gnspes.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Dorman, Lisa 100% Educational Program Assistant
MacPherson, Lisa 40% Library Technician ext. 4351006 LMacPherson@hrce.ca
Gerrard, Meri 50% Educational Program Assistant meri.gerrard@hrce.ca
Spanik, Yoshi 50% Educational Program Assistant
AlHatab, Dalal 80 % EPA
Dodge, Kelly 80% Educational Program Assistant Kelly.Dodge@hrce.ca
Keeping, Melissa 80% Educational Program Assistant MKeeping@hrce.ca
Archibald, Mick 80% Educational Program Assistant MArchibald@hrce.ca
Nugent, Sandra 80% Educational Program Assistant SNugent@hrce.ca
Rhyno, Melinda 80% Educational Program Assistant
Forhan, Erica 80% Educational Program Assistant Erica.Forhan@hrce.ca
Issa, Hanan 80% Educational Program Assistant HIssa@hrce.ca
Elnono, Nermeen 80% Educational Program Assistant NElnono@hrce.ca
Alazouzi, Sana 80% Educational Program Assistant SAlazouzi@hrce.ca
Rao, Angelina African Nova Scotia Student Support Worker Angelina.Rao@hrce.ca
Leslie, Victoria Child and Youth Care Worker (Schools Plus) Victoria.Leslie@hrce.ca
Little, Jimmy Custodian ext. 4351007
Jung, Sunmi ECE - Lead - Pre-Primary ext. 4351203 Sjung@hrce.ca
Jung-Cameron, Hanna ECE - Lead - Pre-Primary ext. 4351205 HjungCameron@hrce.ca
Lobban, Victoria ECE - Lead - Pre-Primary ext. 4351201
Asieba, Ann ECE - Lead - Pre-Primary Ann.Asieba@hrce.ca
Siteman, Olivia ECE - Lead Pre-Primary ext. 4351207 Ositeman@hrce.ca
Buchan, Victoria School Psychologist
MacDonald, Rebecca School Speech Language Pathologist Rebecca.MacDonald@hrce.ca
Caines, Melissa Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902-483-5960 mcaines@hrce.ca
Arthur, Bernice Schools Plus Lead 902-399-8314 barthur@hrce.ca
Al-Zobeidy, Zobeida YMCA Support Worker zobeida.alzobeidy@halifax.ymca.ca


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Dewidar, Marwa 50% Administrative Assistant Annex Site ext. 1200 Marwa.Dewidar@hrce.ca
Mitchell, Sherry Administrative Assistant ext. 0 Sherry.Mitchell@hrce.ca
Raymakers, Regina Guidance Counsellor rraymakers@hrce.ca
Hunt, Amy Principal ext. 1 hunta@hrce.ca
Corbett, Michael Vice Principal ext. 2 mcorbett@hrce.ca